Hey there, Mark here.

This page is for team members to have everything they need to design and create Mark Drager branded elements.

Website, YouTube Content, and anything designed for social channel branding (ie a banner for my facebook page) needs to stick to our primary brand elements below. We want to stay on brand.

Instagram posts or stories, t-shirts and merch, etc. can play with the primary or secondary brand elements. Feel free to mix, match, and push the brand while staying true to our overall design sense.

Primary Brand Elements

Yellow - #FED82D

Black - #000000

Blue - #4FB8E9

White - #FFFFFF

MD-2020-Logo-Name Only.png
MD-2020-Logo-Name Only-Punch-Out.png

Secondary (let's have some fun) Brand Elements

Charcols - #333333 / #444444 / #666666

Off Whites - #E8E6E6 / #FAFAFA

Oranges - #FF7300                      #FF5349

Blues - #00ADEF                           #FF5349

Reds - #EF1821

Purple - #CC333F

One last thought... Additional fonts and colours can always be pitched to me if it feels right for the brand and is some cool shit.