Build Success By Getting 1% Better | Jeff Fenster on We Do Hard Things Podcast

Our guest went to law school to become a sports agent but at the advice of his personal mentor David Meltzer - was encouraged to start his first company during the great recession.

Since then, he’s become a startup/business scaling expert and his current ventures, Everbowl and Superfuel Coffee are taking the market by storm.

And while it’s easy to shrug off his accomplishments to personality, luck, or well-connected friends - that’s not the case at all. Our guest learned hard lessons the hard way, faced failed ideas and business launches, and came to learn that his real secret to success was through the relationship capital he built up with peers and the business community.

Get ready for the conversation that actually changed how I look at business myself - please welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast entrepreneur and very cool guy, Jeff Fenster.

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