Business Growth Expert Reveals Truth Behind His Success | Nick Bradley on We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest is a seriously accomplished Entrepreneur who’s built, bought, and sold 24 businesses with a combined value of $5bn+ dollars.

Today, you may see the man who’s rebuilt himself into an ultra-marathoner. But as a boy, his dad took off and wasn’t a part of his life, by the age of 10 he was grossly overweight at 250lbs, he was bullied and beaten up and hospitalized…

Later, he became so aggressive in life and in business that he was kicked out of the companies he was a part of… and he was living with so much stress that one night woke up, having ground his teeth so hard in his sleep that he cracked everything on one side of his jaw…

How did this man go through all of these struggles, facing rejection and loss, and then go on to have the most tremendous success - only to find himself, completely unhappy?

You have to hear this story.

So please, help me welcome to We Do Hard Things - Nick Bradley.