Cancer Survivor From Hospital Bed to Mount Everest | Sean Swarner on the We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest was voted one of the top 8 most inspirational people in history. At 13, he was diagnosed with cancer and was given only 14 days to live - which he did. At 16, he was diagnosed with a different type of cancer - and given a 6% chance of survival - which he did.

And while that’s remarkable in itself, it’s what he chose to do with the rest of his life that’s so inspirational. He’s gone on to be the only person in history to climb Everest, the highest mountain on each continent, and ski to the south pole, and the north pole - completing the Explorers Grand Slam.

How did a boy who struggled to crawl 8 feet from the hospital bed to the bathroom, go on to Redefine Impossible by climbing 29,035 feet to the top of the world’s tallest peak, with only one lung?

You have to hear this story.

So please, help me welcome to We Do Hard Things - Sean Swarner.