Everything can change in an instant

When the work seems futile and everything seems to not going anywhere, actually, it’s just life preparing you for that moment when things fall into place. There will be so many times in your business when you feel like you’re not going anywhere, but everything can change for you in a heartbeat.

I remember very well when I was still three years into my business. I was spinning my wheels, and it didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. I kept asking myself, “Why am I working this hard? Why have I given three years to something that is just not working out? Why is the business not getting anywhere? Why am I doing this?” I thought it wasn’t going to work. Time kept passing by in those three years, but I wasn’t really going anywhere.

However, the next three years were exponential growth. This time was transformative and totally different. Somewhere along the way, it went from spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere and feeling helpless to suddenly waking up one day and thinking, “Look, I have all the things I wish I had years ago.” I didn’t even notice the turn of events. I didn’t even notice that it changed. But it changed in a snap. Since then, I see to it that I don’t easily quit when I’m trying something new or making something work even when it seemed like it just wasn’t going anywhere.

When you’re running through water and everything is holding you down, give it weeks and months and years. Eventually, someone will hear about you, give you a ring, hand you a project, or hire you. You make the gamble, and that’s it—it’s the domino that just starts knocking over everything that you’ve been working on for the last three years, and everything will fall into place.

So when times are really hard, what I find most helpful is to remember that you’ve been here before. Things have been hard for you before. You were in high school, and you thought, “No one’s ever gonna like me. No one’s ever going to date me. I’m never going to have a girlfriend [or a boyfriend]. I’m never going to have friends.” But somewhere along the way, it changed. We got better.

I know people who’ve struggled for years to have children. But then they were able to adopt a child, or some method worked out, and they were able to have the child that they’ve been working so hard for. Then they look back and go, “Oh, yeah, that was a really tough time, but we worked through it, and everything changed.”

When things are hard, remember that life is really, really long. The challenges that you face daily are just blips on the radar, throughout the course of your life. There are major things that are going to happen, and there are hardships you’re going to face, but you’re gonna look back and say, “That was nothing.”

This seemingly big challenge that you’re facing right now, you may not even remember it when you’re 70, sitting in that rocking chair, watching your grandkids playing, and living your dream life. When you think back, you’re probably not going to remember that when you were in your 20s, 30s or 40s, this thing happened to you. It’s like a blip.

So remember, when things are tough, you’re doing the work that you’re doing because, at any moment, that domino is going to fall, that phone is going to ring, and the connection is going to happen. Something is going to transpire that will change everything. Don’t give up. Keep pushing, and you can have that moment.

Remember that this is a really, really long play. Don’t judge your life based on where you are right now, or how you feel right now, and the challenges you face right now. You have so much time to recover, so much time to fix things, so much time to switch and to bob and weave and do whatever you need to do to get those things that you’re chasing.

You have the time on your side. If you don’t freak out, if you don’t get out of line, if you just stick with it and take a breath, it’s going to be okay.