Ex Drill Instructor Shares EPIC Story | Ira Davis on the We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest has the heart, spirit, and passion that can move people to do the most remarkable things. But it wasn’t always that way.

He spent close to 20 years feeling worthless, and lost, and like he would never fit in. He wondered why everyone around him had these incredible talents and skills that he didn’t seem to have. Like he was missing something from deep within.

And the truth is, he didn’t fit in… and he doesn’t still doesn’t fit in, all these years later… and that is what makes him extraordinary.

Today, he helps people chase their dreams, face their fears, and prove to themselves they have what it takes to live a fear-less life - by throwing themselves out of a plane.

You have to hear this story.

So please, help me welcome to We Do Hard Things - Ira “The Chief DreamDiver” Davis