Get the most out of your schedule

I’ve realized that we entrepreneurs have a fatal flaw. We are hopeful, optimistic people who get super excited about things. We chase and do the things that we want to do and love to do. We’re pretty good at ignoring the things that we don’t want to do or the uncomfortable things that will literally lead to our growth.

Here’s the commitment that I’m going to make, and I’m asking you to leave a comment and give me your take on it: First, what I’m going to try is I’m going to live and die by my calendar. If it is not in my calendar, I am not going to do it.

Second, as soon as the minute starts, I am on that. Therefore, you better be ready to go if you’re meeting with me or if you’re calling me or whatever because, on that minute, I’m on it—you have my time and my attention, undistracted, until the end of that meeting. If you booked 15 minutes with me, at the 16-minute mark, I’m getting up and I’m leaving. You can book a follow-up, but I’m going to time-box every single thing that I do.

Third, I’m going to schedule the uncomfortable things, the things that I don’t want to do, the things that I’m not looking forward to. I’m going to schedule them, and I’m going to be crazy disciplined about them.

And last but not least, to make sure that this works, that I’m set up for success, I’m going to schedule open time. I’m going to schedule a time for the craziness. I’m going to schedule a time for the worry. I’m going to leave free time. That way, I’m in back to back, and I’m moving from thing to thing but with a little bit of fluidity. I am going to go ahead and schedule the craziness.

I’m already someone who has spent years listing in my calendar every single task or activity that I do down to the 10-minute mark. If you go back and look through my calendar, the days are just full because I list every single task and activity that I do. I’ve already done that. I already scheduled work ahead of me. However, I’m looking for the next level of efficiency and the next level in getting s**t done, feeling good about it, and looking forward to things. What I want to know are the things that you do. I want your tips. I want your comments. I want your opinions. Tell me what works for you.