Hard Lessons Learned From 20 Years As A Working Actor | Youssef Kerkour on We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest is an actor who over the past 20 years has worked, and worked, and worked his way up from playing “homeless man #2” to earning a Bafta nomination for best male comedy performance for his role in the British comedy “Home”.

Formerly a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, you might recognize him from his roles in Netflix’s Dracula, Criminal UK, Cursed, Nightflyers - of course, he stars in Home which just finished its second season - but more than any of that - this man had a guest appearance in my favourite show of all time - which of course I get the real stories of what happens on the set of a TV show...

I’m absolutely delighted to welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast - Youssef Kerkour

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