Hire the right person and save yourself a world of pain

You’re full of excuses. You know that you need to grow. You know that you need to hire people and do the process, but it just takes too much time and effort. The truth is that you have to start small. You have to start part-time. You have to start looking for a freelancer. You have to start outsourcing.

In business, much of the success of our operations comes down to having the right people and process. You need great people. They have to be in the right roles, but you also need to teach them the process, right? Those people need to know what their roles and responsibilities are and how things work. Which rules can you break to make things happen for a client, and which rules can you certainly not break.

So, you need good people, and you need an efficient process. When we’re just working and working, hoping and dreaming that things will change for the better in our business, most of the time, they never do. And it’s usually because we don’t put in the effort to actually make it happen. We need to have people, and we need an efficient process, but we’re too tired, we’re too lazy, and we’re too busy to make that happen.

Maybe one day you’ll get bold and courageous enough to say, “Today, my laziness is going to end. I’m not going to put up with this anymore. I’m going to go out and fix this.” So your first response is to try to find someone to help you.

You say, “I need someone great. I need someone full-time. I need someone really expensive because they’re going to fix everything for me.” Right? And that’s where you run into trouble.

You then ask yourself, “How do I pay for this person? How do I finance the business? How do I grow?” Then you don’t do anything because the uncertainty is just too scary. I tell you, there are part-time people out there. There are freelancers out there. There are lots of people that you can lean on.

But then you rebut, “But that seems scary, and that seems like hard work. I’ve gone through part-time people in the past, and all the good ones leave. I’ve tried freelancers, but they’re just so expensive, and I can’t bring them on . . .” Yada yada —you’re full of excuses! I see this attitude all the time. I’m full of excuses too. And that’s why we don’t get what we want. We do the same thing all the time, hoping that it’s going to get us to where we want to be. Meanwhile, we’re just doing little incremental changes.

Here’s what you have to do:

First, you have to admit that you want what you want. You have to put a plan in place, and it has to be detailed and specific. Second, you have to start today. And if starting today means going out and hiring a full-time person because you have the money, then go do that. If starting today means finding a part-time person, bringing them on, training them. Accept the fact that they may leave or you may have to get a freelancer who costs a little bit more money, but you have to do it. If you want the business to grow, you have to start with people. And those people have to be based on what you can afford. Never complain about how hard things are. You can’t just say that there are no good people out there to help you get to where you want to be. You need people, so go out and get the right people.

Go find that part-time person, but live with the fact that good part-timers are hard to find and that they may turn over as you’re not their greatest commitment. Go out and get the freelancer you need. Bring them on and have them inject their knowledge into your business right away. When you hire a cheap part-time person, don’t get upset when they’re not as dedicated as a full-time person. Right? Don’t lie to yourself that way. Just get comfortable and be very practical. Tell yourself, “I’m going to go with a part-timer.”

Once you realize that a freelancer can help you with the process, do some simple math and figure out if it makes sense to bring them on full-time. Will you see an exponential return on that investment?

I make motivational videos online. You might ask, How did I start? Well, I started by deciding I wanted to create these videos. I wanted to create a video series, but did I go out and buy all of the equipment, set up the backdrop, do the lighting, and bring Steve (my assistant) on full-time? Did I do that on day one? No.

Here’s what I started with:

I started by looking for a freelancer to work for one test day. Then Jason came in. We did a test day, and we threw away half of the footage—we didn’t even use it because it wasn’t any good. It was enough for me, though, to bring him back and say, “Okay, Jason, I want you to come two days a week and work with me.” Then he worked with me two days a week. We did that for three or four months until finally, I was like, “Gosh, you know, this is going really well. I want to make this investment.”

I would bring Jason on two days a week forever, but I needed editing work. And when I added up how much I paid Jason and how much it would cost me to bring on an editor, it was going to cost a lot more than me simply going out and finding a full-time worker, so I went to Jason and said, “Jason, I want you to work full-time with me,” but Jason didn’t want to work full-time, and he was not particularly great at editing. I had to go out and find a Steve. So as much as I loved working with Jason and as good as it was working with him, unfortunately, Jason had to go. And now we have a Steve.

You see, I didn’t start by figuring out how to justify a full-time employee for my business. I started by deciding what I wanted to do. Then I looked for the fastest way to bring someone in to help me film some stuff. Before I had all my equipment, I used to film on my iPhone, but I wanted to go to the next level and make the first investment.

So think about your growth and the place that you want to be. You need people, and you need a process. Start with the people that you can afford right away. Get comfortable with the fact that the process might entail hard work. Stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop imagining things could be easy. Stop thinking that everyone else has it figured out because that’s not true.

People are hard to find. They’re hard to train. They’re hard to keep. They’re hard to keep motivated.

Processes take work to develop. When you screw them up, then you will have to fix them. This all takes time and energy and focus, but what’s the alternative? Are you happy with what you have now? Do you want to ignore that dream that you have? Do you not want to build or grow your business? What’s the alternative? Be exactly where you are now, doing exactly what you’ve been doing for years, getting the exact same results or commit your growth.

Grow your people, follow your process, work your ass off a little bit harder, and you’ll be one step closer to that place that you want to be.