How To Move On, Let Go & Leave Your Past in The Past | James Beck on the We Do Hard Things Podcast

James's childhood was defined by his abusive father and a suicide attempt, resulting in him devoting 6 years to repairing their relationship. One day after speaking at an event for youth ministers, he was encouraged by one of them to share some lessons learned from someone who has dealt with these tough times before.

Disillusioned with the world, he found a way to help himself by helping others. He sought out service as a means of breaking neural pathways and shifting perspective- and did so in an unconventional manner.

James is a TEDx speaker, relationship-building expert, and author who gave away everything he owned and set out on a journey to serve someone in all 50 states.

After James asked those he served to Pay-It-Forward, an incredible domino effect of kindness followed.

James encourages people to live a life of giving, which leads to true happiness and better relationships.

When you take the phrase “live our lives with open arms” to heart, it will change your destiny forever.

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