How to SHOW UP Every Single Day | James "Iron Cowboy" Lawrence on We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest completed 50 Ironmans, in 50 states, in 50 days… has a slew of Guinness World Records, and is setting out to help you, me, and the world redefine “impossible”.

  • Now, if you’ve ever felt like you’ve not hit your potential...

  • Or you see how hard other people push but you just don’t have the same energy or drive...

  • Or heck, maybe you just worry a lot about what other people think and say...

This episode is for you.

Because I talk about all that, and a whole lot more, with this week’s guest, James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence.

Welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast.

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Remember, those of us who have something to prove can show the world, and ourselves, that we have what it takes to make it happen.

But you have to think big. You’ve got to be bold. And you must say yes.