Just keep pushing

If you feel like no matter what you do, you’re not hitting the level that you want to achieve, and if you’ve been trying to for years but you’re just not getting there, it’s because you give up too fast, too early, and you’re too distracted.

In building a business and being an entrepreneur, everything you do is about consistency. It’s not about being on the verge of bankruptcy, constantly hustling, getting that amazing deal, and then coasting the next six months. You reward yourself for little bursts of energy. However, that reward is what slows you down and crushes you and kills you.

I’m not saying you have to work 80 hours a week. I’m not saying that you can’t reward yourself and taste that thing that you’re working toward. However, you can’t let those little breaks or those little rewards kill your momentum, slow you down, or hold you back. When you try a certain activity, at first you might think, “I’m going to try this.” Then you go, “Hmm, it’s hard. It’s harder than I thought it was going to be.” You run into a roadblock, or someone said no, you move on to the next thing. You hire that person.” And then that doesn’t work out because you didn’t train that person right. You haven’t taught that person the processes because you’re not a good manager. So you fire them. You think, “Let’s try again.” So you hire another person with the same unsatisfactory result, so you go, “You know what, these people are terrible.” You have a sample pool of two people, and you think there’s no one out there who can work with you or for you.

There are so many parts of our business where we try earnestly to work, and then guess what? When we run into a roadblock, we stop. We give up. We get distracted. That is why after all these months and after all these years, you’re not getting what you want. You have to have a laser focus. You have to be so determined and so drawn into just trying despite the fact that things aren’t working. Keep trying new things time and time again until you crack it or you finally say, “I’m not going to be doing this anymore at all.” However, this halfway point in the middle, this wastes time. Do you have years to waste?

How many people do you know that have gone on a diet and lost eight pounds and then got overconfident and ate a little too much? Suddenly, they gained some weight and thought dieting doesn’t work. Of course, we know that going on the right diet works. Of course, we know that exercise works. It’s about consistency. It’s about not giving up. It’s about pushing through.

I have never considered myself a healthy, fit person up until about eight months ago when I was able to lose some weight. I mean, over the last year and a half, I’ve lost almost 50 pounds. One day, though, I found myself on the treadmill running at my gym, and halfway through this workout, I started to hate it. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want anything to do with the workout. Then as I was jogging, I started to think: Do my ankles hurt? No. My legs, do they hurt? No. Then I looked down at my heart rate monitor. I was not in any kind of red zone, and I could breathe. There was nothing physical to keep me from running at this pace. I just hated it. My brain was screaming at me to stop because I hated it so much. I realized there was nothing wrong with my legs, there was nothing wrong with my breathing, and I was perfectly capable of continuing to do my workout; I just didn’t like it. So I just kept running. I kept running until I hit my time. And then I did the next one and the next one.

That’s what growing your business is about. There is nothing actually holding you back from doing the things that you need to do. It’s all in your mind. You’ll get through the hard things. Everyone faces challenges. Some people push through, and we look up to them. Other people give up, and we call them average or ordinary.

Your brain is screaming at you that you don’t have the money or the time or the resources to do what you want to do. You don’t have the schooling. You don’t have the connections. You don’t have what you need. But you do have everything that you need right in front of you to face the challenges that you’re facing today. If you just spent a little bit of time figuring that out, asking yourself the right questions, your brain will come up with the answers for you. There are principles that say, when you are ready to give up, you actually have so much more that you can give if you just stop listening to your brain and you just start going.

Winston Churchill has this quote that goes something like this: being successful is just moving from failure to failure while maintaining your enthusiasm. I love the idea that you are just going to continue going from thing to thing to thing. Of course, we want to succeed. Of course, we want to win. However, we need to face these failures while still maintaining our enthusiasm. That’s what it’s all about—consistency. It is knowing that you love and are capable of doing hard things and pushing so much further. When your brain tells you to stop, you keep going, making bold choices, being confident in those choices, and playing them all the way out to the end without getting distracted by shiny things that are in front of you. You need to know that you are going to face failures and you’re going to move from failure to failure. Regardless of these failures, you need to maintain your optimism and your positivity and everything that makes you a hopeful person.

If you do those things, you will literally find yourself hitting new levels every single day, every single month, and you will get that thing you’ve been working hard at for all those years.