Kindness Is Hard | Evie Fatz on We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest is a trained sociologist, entrepreneur, and certified strength, conditioning, & nutrition coach. This is of course what she does, but doesn’t come close to capturing who she is.

That’s better described as the outright seeker and bringer of the most brutal truth.

Raised in a home where health, nutrition, and even openness weren’t front and center, this writer, speaker, and badass inspirer is able to speak with wisdom and clarity that most can’t match.

And while it would be easy to assume this is always who she was, has been, and is - that’s just not the case. At the age of 10 she lost her father to suicide and at the age of 27, had to bury her infant daughter. It was this moment and the struggles that followed where she gained a profound awareness of how fleeting life is.

No longer able to waste another day she left her job, put work back into her marriage, and began creating the family and life she now knows she was meant to create.

I can’t wait to share with you the conversation I had with the creator and owner of EML, Eat Move Live, and badass inspirer Evie Fatz.

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