She Turned Addictive Behaviors into Bold Action! | Dotsie Bausch on the We Do Hard Things Podcast

From the 2012 London Olympic Games to being a 7-time U.S. National Champion and former world record holder, Dotsie Bausch has proven herself to be an influential advocate in several areas of sports and animal rights. In 2017, Bausch was included in a list of “20 Badass Veg Women Making History.”

A longtime member of the U.S. National Road Cycling Team, Bausch tried track cycling for the first time in 2007 and won two national titles over the course of a year’s worth of competition. Her success on the track continued as she was part of a record-breaking ride.

Dotsie Bausch was told she would never make it to the Olympics, but her switch to a plant-based diet changed everything. She realized that giving up her diet wasn't worth the prize. As she tells it, her body quickly and unexpectedly changed. She felt stronger, cycled faster, and experienced newfound energy. Three years later in 2012 at the London Olympic Games, she stood atop a podium accepting her silver medal.

Switch4Good founder, Bausch, has become a powerful proponent of a plant-based diet for athletes and non-athletes alike. She starred in James Cameron's 2019 film The Game Changers and has since been recognized by VegNews as one of the world's top 20 influential vegans.

Please help me welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast, Dotsie Bausch.