Stop Overthinking Everything

You spend days and weeks agonizing over little decisions that do not matter. Yes, your big goals and your big dreams are made up of many little steps. Guess what? No one cares what your username is, pick something and go, the exact color of your brand or tone doesn't really matter that much. Let's go!

Listen, I'm a marketer, and as important as it is to get that right, 80% is better than waiting weeks and months to roll something out. I have a client that we were supposed to roll out a piece of technology for within four weeks, a piece of technology that would revolutionize how their customers interacted with them, rather than roll something out that they could use in their business. Within four weeks. They spent nine months making sure it was 100%. We could have rolled it out within the four weeks and then spent the next nine months getting it from 80% to 100%. They could have been using it, could have been making their business better, but instead, they were caught up in what color the background was, what the title size was. How many pixels should it be? Their business waited for nine months because they were focused on the things that didn't matter.

What things are you focused on today that do not matter? They seem important. You want to do them. But meanwhile, you're ignoring the things that matter most. Are you advertising in the way that you need to advertise? How is your customer service? How's your response time? Are you on top of your building? How’re your operating procedures? Have you hired that person on your team? You need to hire those new hires and train them properly, there are so many parts of your business that you can use that are next level to make everything run smoother.

But meanwhile, you're probably focused on you know, what does the picture look like? What are the colors like? You're developing your new products and you're busy focusing on the tiniest of little details that you just have to get right. Because if you don't get it right, everything will fall apart. You know that you need to produce that piece of content, you know that you need to get it out. But instead, it's more fun to focus on this new project, do the things that you need to do in your business to ensure that you can hit the goals that you have stopped chasing, the perfectionism that drives you.

Allow yourself to release something that's 80% there now, rather than 100% there in months, and focus on the things that will actually help you build your business. I'm sure you could clean that up.