Stop Worrying. Stay Ahead.

You spend even a second worried about people stealing your ideas, copying your brand or taking the best bits about what you do and simply rolling them out. You are focused on the wrong things, you are too focused on protecting what you have, and you are not focused on building it into what it needs to be. You cannot stand still in business, people who have that one idea, that magical element, they are so scared. They're so insecure. They're so terrified that their brand is built on this one thing, of course, you're going to be worried about people taking it.

Of course, you're gonna think I have the idea. And the idea is all I have. What about execution? Ideas are free, ideas are cheap. It's actually the people who go to the next step and pursue the ideas and then make it happen and then develop it and then take it to market, that is where the hard work is. People can come up with the exact same ideas as you, of course, and they will; you're not the only one to have this idea, but you're the only one to roll it out in the way that you're going to roll it out. And your brand is a living and breathing thing. If you are standing still, if you are not progressing with new ideas and new concepts and continually growing and rolling out your brand into the market time after time after time, activity after activity, season after season, well, of course, people are going to copy you.

If they don't copy you, you're going to fall behind anyway. Your brand has to be a living and breathing thing. So the answer to not being afraid of people taking your ideas, not being afraid of people copying your brand, is to always be moving, to always be growing, to always be running; develop the ideas and concepts and roll out generation after generation after generation. Make your processes better. Make your customer service better. Build your brand. Launch the new campaign.

You should always be changing. You should always be growing. Let them copy you. They're copying stuff that's already a year or two out of date because you're already focused on what’s next, you're focused on 2020, you're focused on 2021, let them copy the 2018 version of you.

And so don't spend even a second worried about it. If people are copying you, that's awesome. That means you're a leader. That means you're doing something right. That should be the people nipping at your heels, pushing and driving you forward to come up with what's next. Besides, being a leader is a lot more fun.

Go out there with the new ideas, keep driving forward, and don't worry about who's copying you. They're a bunch of losers anyway, you're the one who's breaking new ground.