The Strategy That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE | Leslie Zann on The We Do Hard Things Podcast

Today’s guest thought she had it all - career, health, relationships… and then, one day, as she watched her marriage fall apart, and the business go sideways, she realized that she didn’t have it all. That in fact, she had been settling in the most important areas of her life - settling for “good enough”

But as she shares in her new book, Outrageous Achievement, not only did she not have to settle, she was able to turn everything around, and then some.

You have to hear this story.

So please help me welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast - Leslie Zann

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Remember, those of us who have something to prove can show the world, and ourselves, that we have what it takes to make it happen.

But you have to think big. You’ve got to be bold. And you must say yes.