There’s something about this Tony Robbins guy

My friends and family are tired of hearing me talk about Tony Robbins—like, at this point, they’re over it.

But here’s one last thing that struck me after having been to two Tony Robbins events—only two events.

You know, I met a woman down at “Unleash the Power Within” in Dallas who has been to five Unleash the Power Within’s in one year. I can go deeper into the Tony Robbins cult; it’s not like there’s no deeper level.

Here’s what I walked away with more than anything. When you are in a stadium with 7,500 people who, like you, are willing to put themselves out there, have a crazy amount of energy to achieve something great, and be vulnerable, it’s crazy to me how black and white things become.

On day 1, you get there. They say, “Come on, stand up,” and they start clapping and doing all this stuff. At first, everyone’s energy is a little nervous. However, on days 2 and 3, people are going crazy. They are going bananas because they realize we are all in this together. No one is going to judge anyone, so we might as well go all out music pumping. It’s like going to a concert. It’s like the Raptors just won the NBA championship and people are allowed to go nuts.

And then the next day, it’s back to like, “Oh, hello there. How are you?”

It’s crazy to me how you can bring this group of people together and transform them from being a little bit edgy, self-conscious, worried about stuff to being able to break through and realize that we’re all the same—that we all want to achieve massive things. And then you feel like you’ve found your tribe. You’re together, and you feel a new kind of energy.

What if we can carry that spirit and that energy into everything we do?

That’s what struck me—the idea of bringing people together, having a crazy, cool experience, and then being able to bottle that energy and carry it into everything you do. There’s something to this, I’m telling you.