This Millionaire Teaches the Path to Profit, Fans & Freedom! Mel Abraham | We Do Hard Things Podcast

Mel Abraham is a globally recognized thought leader, a #1 National Bestselling Author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution: Affluence and Wealth & Money Mentor to Top Thought Leaders and Successful Entrepreneurs.

Mel began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 11 when he performed magic shows for parties.

Mel was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship and business at a young age to create a life by design through these fields. After having a falling out with his business partner, Mel found himself in financial trouble.

During this time, Mel rebuilt his business and life that he got what he calls his “greatest business lesson from a 6-year old boy”. After seeing a drawing his son made of him, Mel realized that it’s not about practicing an occupation for the sake of making money. It’s more important to understand life and how business can help us get what we need from living.

Today Mel helps business owners and entrepreneurs build meaningful businesses to attain more profit, fans, and...freedom.

Please help me welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast, Mel Abraham.