This Sales Master Went from Homeless to Millionaire to Action Film Producer | Sir Marco Robinson

Today’s guest was homeless at 15, for 5 long years before one day, in total despair and desperation, someone stepped into his life and gave him the greatest gift, hope.

Over the next decade of his life, he became a master salesperson, moved overseas, took a company from $5mm to $1b, then lost it all, rebuilt, was knighted for his charitable work, lost it all again, rebuilt again... now, he’s an actor, movie producer, and his film, Legacy of Lies has been in the Netflix top 10 for weeks.

How did this man go from an unschooled homeless teenager to an author, television host, actor, action-movie producer, and wildly successful Entrepreneur?

You have to hear this story.

So please, help me welcome to We Do Hard Things - Sir Marco Robinson.