This TV Personality Found Courage To Chase Her Dreams | Barbara Majeski We Do Hard Things Podcast

Barbara Majeski is a nationally recognized TV personality known for her lifestyle expert advice and hosting multiple shows.

She regularly features on the TODAY Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, and more. Known as the “Curator of the Good Life”, she specializes in finding ways to improve your life.

Shortly after filing for divorce, Barbara was handed a Stage III cancer diagnosis. The day after she learned that she beat cancer for a second time, she swore to live her life bigger, better, and bolder. After two years of treatment, recovery, and divorce, Barbara became pursuing her dream career in media. She launched an online community united in personal growth, purpose, and authenticity.

The most rewarding part of her career has been seeing others fulfill their aspirations by tackling their bucket lists.

Get to know her…She will have you rolling in laughter, or laughing through your tears. Either way, she’s going to capture your heart with her flamethrower of a personality, fabulous taste, and unnerving will to never give up.

Please help me welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast, Barbara Majeski.