Your Voice Matters | The Clubhouse Creator Gary Henderson on the We Do Hard Things Podcast

Gary is a digital marketing expert who's worked with high-profile entrepreneurs like Michael Hyatt, Hal Elrod, Gabby Bernstein, Lewis Howes, and more. However, Gary's life wasn't always so fulfilling or impactful.

A few years before, Gary was 60 pounds heavier and felt completely overwhelmed by the same routine. The agency owner knew he needed something else in his life as well, so he started looking for ways to help him take the next step. After thinking long and hard about his situation, he realized the environment was a limiting factor in his success.

When his self-confidence hit an all-time low, Gary went on a media diet. He weaned himself off of social media and replaced it with podcasts and personal development content. He read any and every book, podcast, or another piece of content that might have instructions on how to solve his problem. Tossing aside one quote from Jesse Itzler ("When our bus stops, it stop") he started taking action.

Now, with his new book coming out "The Clubhouse Creator", Gary helps creators build their audience, deepen relationships, and accelerate success in the creator economy.

Please help me welcome to the We Do Hard Things Podcast, Gary Henderson.