We all have


to prove.

The doubters.  High-school bullies.  Parents and the ex.  Every person who's ever given you that worried look when you explain your idea.  Hell, even that little voice in the back of your mind.

Your world is filled with doubt.  You're surrounded by those who just don't get it.  You can run down the list in your head with all the reasons why it just won't work, why you can't pull it off, why you're not smart enough, experienced enough, strong enough. 


So the real question is, are you actually going to make this happen?  Are you going to prove to yourself what you're capable of?  Are you going to prove every doubter wrong?  Or, will this be like every other time you half-tried?  Gave it a bit of effort without the follow through?  Allowed your fear of failure and your doubt to take over and win.

Well, it's your choice.  So what's it going to be?

Now is not the

time to play small.

"How badly do you want it?" That's the question that runs through my mind every time I question whether I've got what it takes.  Every time I doubt myself.  Every time I think it shouldn't be this hard.


But what I've learned over the decade-plus of working with thousands of people, people just like you is that you can't take a break from what you have to do to get to where you need to be. 

Setting big goals, scarry goals, the type of goals where in the back of your mind you tell yourself you couldn't possibly hit them - just know they are possible.


Because you can do anything, literally ANYTHING, if you want it bad enough. If you become obsessive. If you put in the hard work. And if you just think big, be bold, and say yes.

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keeps you from building an #Extraordinary life.

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My most loved videos.

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Here's what I know, when things get tough, when things get hard, when you're not sure you can make your dreams and your plans and all of your ambitions happen - you need to follow 3 simple steps.


You need to think big.  So big that it scares you.  So big that you're afraid to share your ideas with anyone because you're terrified they're going to laugh in your face.


Then, you then need to be bold.  The type of bold that reveals the real you.  The type of bold that gives you the courage to make anything you focus on happen.


And then, you just need to say yes.  Give yourself permission to chase your dreams down.  Give yourself permission to try and to succeed or to fail.


Say yes to the big-thinking.

Say yes to the bold-acting.

Say yes to the crazy-gonna-make-it-happen you.


That's my version of an #Extraordinary life.